just the basics: The Mega Mutants

The Mega Mutants   Now when I started writing this I had a strict, self-imposed rule of only covering action figures, and no variants. Well, spoilers, but my no variants rule is going to be bent later on, and while the next two figures are also considered vehicles…they don’t have wheels so, we’re fine.   […]

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Parkland: The Chair

November 19th 8:03am Parkland, IN     A cold yet light breezed rushed over Oscar as he sat down in the old wooden chair. It wasn’t meant to be comfortable, but when he bought it, he wasn’t thinking about leisure time, he was only thinking about time spent at Rebecca’s grave. It was a clear […]

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just the basics: Walkabout

Walkabout The Kicking Kangaroo from Down Under Released in 1991 Man, who doesn’t love a kangaroo? Before we talk about the next figure, let’s take a minute and explore Walkabout’s portrait. First off, in case you didn’t know, our hero Walkabout hails from Australia; a land full of the world’s scariest animals. We all know […]

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trailer trash: Captain Marvel

So the Captain Marvel trailer dropped yesterday and it looks…just fine. I mean, to me, it’s a trailer for a movie that is seemingly introducing us to the McGuffin that is going to fix everything and undo all the dying in Avengers Infinity War (spoilers). Captain Marvel has already been described as the most powerful […]

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just the basics: Tattoo

Tattoo The Flesh-etched Illustrated Man Released in 1991 I’ll tell you what’s great about Tattoo, as a character, he’s taken a hindrance and made it his greatest strength. Within Tattoo’s backstory, you hear the tale of a fat kid from Japan that was laughed at for his size. Not wanting to hide who he was, […]

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just the basics: Tokka and Rahzar

Tokka The Sinister Snappin’ Turtle Released in 1991 Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate, Tokka and his buddy Rahzar, are more than just clones of Bebop and Rocksteady. Making their initial appearance in the 1991 film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze, Tokka and Rahzar were originally […]

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Parkland: the mother

September 21st 9:03pm Parkland, Indiana     She stood near the middle of a rain slick street, as a strong, cold wind brushed through her hair. She noticed a halo of bright light take over her vision from behind. It didn’t register with her as anything that She should be alarmed with, as She was […]

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Ninja Turtles: Punishment

  Wake up!!!! Oroku Ryu jolted upright out of bed. Chills ran down his spine as his eyes struggled to focus on his surroundings. Slowly, outlines of furniture became visible as he tried to calm his nerves. Cold sweat beaded around the back of his neck as he tried to control his breathing. At home, […]

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