JJ Abrams and son to write Spider-Man

See, this is the problem with making assumptions. You get your hopes up, they’re thrown in the bin and then you get some schmuck like me commenting on them in a blog somewhere.

A few days ago Marvel started releasing static images online of a countdown starting with the number four written in webbing, seemingly promising some type of reveal. Naturally, the internet happened and started speculating as to what it all could mean. The prevailing theory (that didn’t last long) was that Marvel comics was going to adapt the abandoned script for Spider-Man 4, a film that was going to be directed by Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire…but the a day later, the countdown continued, everyone got sad and now we’re here with a reveal that has some scratching their heads.


(For more on what Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, I would recommend watching the awesome video below. Enjoy.)



Eventually it was revealed that a new Spider-Man story would be put out by Marvel in September and it would be written by director JJ Abrams and his son Henry Abrams. This threw some for a bit of a loop. Some people are wondering why Abrams is writing a comic book at all while others are a little peeved that the whole countdown thing was little more than a marketing tactic to drum up interest in a dying medium.

What’s really stupid is that some media outlets like IGN are just salty that Abrams’ twenty year old son is writing for Marvel comics, even though the young writer/college student openly admits that having JJ Abrams as a dad holds certain advantages. Which is pretty true, I mean if my dad were a clone of Steven Spielberg, I’d try to get ahead two if the opportunity came up.

Here’s the thing, we all know that companies like Marvel would put out images like this…


(just imagine a number written in webbing here)

…and just sit back as the hype machine did their work for them, but readers, I think are smarter than that. It doesn’t matter what Abrams and Co. give us in September because we all know that it will never change the status quo. Spider-Man, no matter what anyone says, will never be altered forever or even pushed beyond his limits. This is little more than a ploy by Marvel comics to see the slightest bump in sales because they haven’t figured out that relying on books like Captain Marvel is not going to keep the lights on.

Marvel, listen up, no one cares who writes Spider-Man, comic book fans care about good stories. So stop worrying about getting the highest profile creator you can and force them to make their comics look like the MCU and just focus on a good book for the sake of a good book and the sales will come.

And fans, stop trying to make Spider-Man 4 a thing. It’s over. Let’s move on.



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