Friday the 13th vs Dead by Daylight, part 2

Who you running from (continued)

Dead by Daylight

Taking the fight against the survivors is a host of killers hellbent on sacrificing them to the Entity. It just occurred to me now that I haven’t gone into the lore of Dead by Daylight, and I don’t think I’m going to, at least for right now. Story doesn’t seem to be something that is very important to the developers of DbD (Behaviour Interactive) as the real hook of this game is testing your skills against four other people as they race to escape your grasp. I’ll be honest, I haven’t spent a ton of time playing as every killer. I spend most of my time alternating between Huntress (my main) and Trapper. For the most part, playing as a killer is a rewarding experience, provided that you play well. While it does seem like the developers do favor the survivor experience over playing as a killer, it really is on you if you’re not doing well. Perhaps you’re not playing with the “right” perks. Maybe you chased someone for too long. Perhaps a team of survivors is working together and they out-think you. Or maybe, just maybe, a survivor player is just that good at the game. Trust me, I play as Huntress more often than not, the slowest, and possibly the most skill-based killer in the game. I know how it feels to throw a hatchet, have it miss and then stare at a survivor as they tea bag off into the sunset. Playing as killer isn’t always fun, but neither is survivor.

With all of that being said, there is a murky ground that I feel both survivor and killer players tip toe around in while playing this game. With Friday the 13th, it was generally viewed as a fun slasher game where you just enjoyed the experience of running from Jason. While it sucked getting murdered just seconds before the match ended, it seemed that people enjoyed seeing the gory kills Jason would perform at the expense of “losing” a match. With Dead by Daylight, you’ve got people that are dead set of ending everyone on the map, and you’ve got survivors that a destined to win. That equates to a competitive environment. Which leads us to the big difference between these two games and it’s kind of fickle. Friday the 13th is a party game, and Dead by Daylight is friggin’ competitive.

What are ya buying?


Friday the 13th

For as many characters, maps and playable Jasons that were introduced over the year of post-release development for Friday the 13th, you weren’t expected to pay money for anything that was cosmetic in nature. Sure, there were kill packs for some of the Jasons, but nothing that was necessary for playing the game. You never paid money for a map and no counselors were ever locked behind a dollar sign. By now though, with the release of the “Ultimate Edition” of Friday the 13th, containing all the dlc, there’s no point in buying anything outside of the base game anymore because you’re going to get everything all in one place for a single price of around twenty bucks.

Dead by Daylight

Okay, so here’s my big problem with Dead by Daylight, the dlc. I’m usually not a stickler about dlc, I kind of figure that people are allowed to do with their money what they will and we really shouldn’t complain about it, but here’s the thing, developer Behaviour Interactive wasted a bunch of time, money and resources obtaining every liscensed killer they could in a bid to compete with games like Friday the 13th, when they should’ve been fixing bugs and never ending load screens. Yes, it’s awesome seeing Leatherface and Amanda from Saw in one game, that would never happen anywhere else but Dead by Daylight, and at five bucks a killer (which used to be bundled with a map and another survivor), it’s a reasonable price for what you’re getting. But this…


This one skin was ten bucks thanks to the in-game currency prices. It’s my belief that Behaviour realized too late that they shot themselves in the foot trying to buy the licenses to a bunch of horror movie killers instead of trying to come up with more original killers inspired by them (like Trapper or the Spirit) that now they’re dependent on micro-transactions. They’re barely putting in the resources to giving players new maps or survivors since this past March. While we did get Ash from the Evil Dead series as a playable survivor and the Ghost Face killer from…Fun World(?), there has been nothing other than novelties added to the game in order to entice new players to the game, as well as older players to stick with it. But what do I know, people keep buying this stuff. I bought this stuff and here I am complaining about it on the internet.

But how fun is it?

This is a hard thing to discuss nowadays.More and more, things like fun, fear and taste are taken for granted in the wildest ways, as if everyone with a keyboard is trying their damnedest to be the next Simon Cowell. But in reality, fun is subjective, and what might be fun to me might not be fun for you, and that’s okay. Liking and enjoying different things is what leads to variety, the spice of life. When it comes to video games, there is a bit of an elitest mentality when it comes to the games you like. When Dead by Daylight is involved, every game that is somewhat similar to it, like F13 or Last Year, there is an immediate tidal wave of negativity against whatever is DbD’s newest rival. But when it comes to Friday the 13th vs Dead by Daylight, I can’t help but root for Friday a bit more, and for good reason.

Friday the 13th plays like the dumb fun slasher video game that it is inspired by. Sure, you might get the occasional idiot that glitches themselves onto a roof where you can’t reach, but you also get a survivor main disconnecting every time to put them down on the ground in Dead By Daylight. Dead by Daylight isn’t fun in the same way as Friday the 13th, DbD is a tense, stressful, heart pounding experience that grabs you by the ears and demands that you pay attention to every shadow you see and every creak in the floor you hear.With Friday the 13th, while you’re not exactly driving on easy street, there is an air of enjoyment that just isn’t allowed in Dead by Daylight. With F13, it feels like you’re at a party on Saturday night. When you’re playing Dead by Daylight, it feels like you’re back in college during finals on your senior year. F-up one question and you fail the entire course.

So let’s break this down.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Pros:                                                                     Cons:

-Variety of gameplay/characters                    -Jasons are actually very, very similar

-Firm but fair gameplay                                  -Maps are littered with the same resources

-Jason feels overpowered                               -We never go Uber-Jason(!)


Dead by Daylight

Pros:                                                                        Cons:

-Awesome atmosphere                                       -Survivors all feel the same after a while

-Powerful variety of killers                                -Killers do not set the pace for the game

-Serious strategy involved                                  -Ridiculous DLC prices



Friday the 13th is just a better game, there, I said it. When Playing Friday the 13th, I feel like it’s okay that I’m having fun. With Dead by Daylight, I want to get better at it and I want to have fun with it. But I feel like I have to choose one and, well, not have fun. There is such a competitive nature to DbD that having fun is almost secondary and virtually dependent on how many survivors don’t make it out alive. Friday the 13th is so over the top that you can’t help but laugh and enjoy your time with it. Sure, it sucks when you get schooled by a Chad with baseball bat, but for every one of those games, you’ll have a dozen where you feel nigh-unstoppable as Jason.


It’s a shame that development on F13 was stalled but the fact that people are still playing it after a year of no new maps, characters, kills or dlc, should show you the quality of Friday the 13th, and the level of fun you can have in a single session.

Winner: Friday the 13th: The Game

Remember to check out my gaming channel on YouTube, Turtle Tracks Games, for more video of me playing DbD, F13 and much more.



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