TMNT figures from Super7 are up for pre-order

You read that right fans, Super7 is finally getting into the TMNT action figure game. As a part of their tried and true ReAction series of 3.75-inch action figures, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be coming before the end of the year to

As stated before, the ReAction line of figures from Super7 harkens back to the glory days of Star Wars-era action figures with the under four-inch scale and limited articulation, and the Turtles see here will be featuring their likenesses and color schemes of their original 1988 action figures, as well as their trademarked weapons.

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The four heroes in a half-shell will come packaged on blister card packaging, housed in a pizza box that advertises everyone’s favorite toppings; from pepperoni to peanut butter. This four-pack is available for pre-order right here, right now for only $89.99.

On a more serious note, I can’t help but wonder why this four-pack of figures offers such a steep price tag. I know the Turtles liscense probably didn’t come cheap, and I know that cost is subjective to a certain point, but these shrunk down, 70’s-era “action figures” with the articulation of a bottle of shampoo don’t strike me as something worth more than forty to fifty bucks. I understand that these figures were an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con this year, but the fact that I can provide you a link to their pre-order means that they’re not an exclusive anymore. So why the crazy price tag?

Listen, buy what you want, but I don’t think I can pull the trigger on these. Maybe if they had the articulation of a G.I. JOE, but as they are now, these figures seem like a waste of time.

If I cave and buy them, I’ll let you know how they fare, but no promises.

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