McFarlane Toys to produce DC action figures in 2020

Back on December 24th, Christmas flippin’ Eve, it was reported by the LA Times that Mattel Inc. had lost the rights to produce action figures for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. That is a huge loss for Mattel as there is a massive desire for DC action figures that can compare and compete with Hasbro’s series of Marvel Legends action figures. Which, as of 2020, will no longer be a possibility.

Fortunately for fans and collectors alike, McFarlane Toys is here to save the day, as news has recently broke that they have entered a three-year deal with Warner Bros. to produce action figures based on many popular DC Comics characters.

If you don’t know why this is exciting news, you should know that that is because McFarlane Toys is known for being a pioneer in detail and articulation in action figures. Having been in the toy game for over twenty years now, McFarlane Toys has basically been giving us poseable statues and forcing the action figure industry to try harder and be more ambitious with their designs.

The hilarious bit of irony here is the fact that McFarlane Toys was created by founder Todd McFarlane’s frustrations out of dealing with Mattel when trying to design action figures for his mega-popular comic book, Spawn.

Anyway, McFarlane Toys will produce many figures (probably a thousand different kinds of Batman figure) in the 6-12 inch scale. For more info, check IGN.

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