Movie politics is bullshit

You know what, to be honest with you, I don’t know where I lie in terms of politics any more. I’ve never really felt the need to adhere to one political side over the other. Republican or democrat, conservative over liberal, I have never needed to feel like I belonged to one or the other. Nowadays though, it seems like trying to figure out the difference between a piece of crap and piece of shit. Let me be clear, I don’t care where you fall, that’s your business and I have no right to judge your views, but what I do have the right to judge is all the politics that has seemed to saturate and infect virtually every bit of pop culture. Yes this is a rant about comic books and movies, but I’m not going to waste time trying to talk about actual politics because our votes don’t change anything and the world will right itself one day.



Comic books fell  apart for me when Marvel decided to publish the infamous “One More Day” storyline. We all know it by now; Peter Parker acts incredibly irrational and out of character for four issues, demanding money from people and eventually giving up his wife to the devil to give his elderly aunt a couple more years of life. Now, I know I don’t own Spider-Man and Marvel doesn’t owe me anything, but seeing Spider-Man act like such a terribly written idiot was painful, and to this day, I have not read a Spider-Man comic. This tonal shift in heroes acting like assholes was just a sign of times changing as now, almost every Marvel comic, or at least the ones they want you know about, are pushing a silly agenda over telling good stories. Where the agenda used to be just nullifying a marriage, is now making sure readers know that they need to get used to the fact that female superheroes are the wave of the future…despite low sales, a dwindling and amazing-to-watch fan backlash.


It’s not limited to comic books either, the latest video game fervor is over a video from the YouTube channel Extra Credits. They posted a video six days ago about Rainbow Six Siege and the dangers of normalizing the image of Nazi’s and the internet reacted in about the same way as you would expect. Everyone is crying foul over Extra Credits and their views, but if you see majority of the response their video is getting it seems more and more likely that Extra Credits was a channel that plenty of people were waiting to pounce on. All they needed was a less than great video. But honestly, what is the point of both their video and ensuing backlash? I thought we all were in agreement that Nazi’s were a bad thing.

And don’t get me started on this bullshit A-Force thing…


Now, I don’t give a damn about the gender of a superhero, as it’s the heroes action that is supposed to speak for them, not their gender. But seeing that Disney is actually trying to sell women wearing capes as a product instead of finding an interesting story that they believe in is such a waste of both time and money. And the fact that people are buying into it is flipping hilarious, or it would be if this wasn’t a shitty example of propaganda used to get money from people. Disney, Marvel and the people running them don’t care about gender or equality, they care about selling movie tickets and t-shirts. They don’t care about you, they care about your wallet.

And that is the icy part of this whole thing, because I get that you want to sell something. I get that people need to  move a product in order to stay employed. But the way that it’s going down is pathetic. I understand that it shouldn’t matter what gender a character is, or that sexuality does not equal identity, but I also understand when people are being forced to conform to certain beliefs. When I was in the Army, I was told that I would conform to a certain standard or life would get very, very hard until I did. What’s happening now in pop culture, is the same thing, only now we’re expected to swap out entertainment and storytelling with agendas that aim to see gender, race, equality and logic turned into selling points like clothing, action figures and video games.


Look, I don’t care how many times we hear about a person brie-ing through a glass ceiling, I don’t care about the color of an actor or the parts they play and I don’t believe that the product you buy should label you as a person. What I care about, is storytelling, character development and intelligence. I’m tired of people ignoring the fact that ideals are being sold like a prize at the bottom of a cereal box. I am tired of being judged by the products I choose to buy or choose not to buy instead of my actions and morals. And I am tired of people that are arrogant enough to think that they have a solution that is more complicated than voting with your wallet. If you don’t like something, do me a favor, shut up and don’t buy it. Seriously, stop crappy articles like this one from being written and stop pretending that you’re standing up for something because you have an opinion about the Last Jedi or some other fruitless statement that won’t change anything thing. Because the reality is, is that no one actually cares about messages, people just want to be entertained, not to have a movement thrown at them.



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