Are we anything but misogynists if we’re not interested in the new Terminator?

So Terminator: Dark Fate is a movie that will be releasing later this summer. This will be something like the forty third entry in the tired franchise that is The Terminator. I never really considered myself the biggest Terminator fan, but even I will admit that they probably should’ve stopped after the second film. Sure, the third film was fun, but no one has really delivered on the bad ass ending that film gave us. Christian Bale as John Connor was a great hook, but his film was shanked by the studios. That leaves us with Genesys, and that could’ve been great but it just didn’t pan out.


Now we have Dark Fate, a film directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool), which will see the return of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Connor, and the iconic roles that made them household names. It will also introduce audiences to Grace, played by Mackenzie Davis, a supposed machine fighter that has had a hard time with life…as most people do. When the trailer to this film was released back in May, it was left with an almost overwhelmingly negative response, not just because an extra female lead seems to be the latest attempt to cash in on the feminism craze in Hollywood, but it was just a boring trailer.

But that hasn’t stopped director Tim Miller from telling Variety that this newest entry in the Terminator franchise will “scare the fuck out of misogynists”.

In his interview, released this past Wednesday, Miller praised Mackenzie Davis performance as Grace. He mentioned that her character was a group discussion from many writers before the script had been written. He then goes on to mention the unenlightened, closeted misogynists that will be scared shitless at the notion of a woman being on film. He talks about the trolls and how he doesn’t give a fuck about them. While I can get behind him not caring about what a bunch of spited fans will think of his movie, this whole interview reeks of a crazy agenda to push the mythical strong female protagonist that is all the rage right now. But it’s happening with the Terminator franchise, the series of films that basically grandmothered in the idea of a strong female lead, aside from Alien. Remember those movies? They were made back in the day when you had characters that weren’t necessarily defined by their gender, as they seem to be now.


Look, I didn’t like the trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, I thought it was boring. Does that make me a misogynist? I took one look at Mackenzie Davis’ character and knew that it fit the bill of what is a female action character nowadays. (skinny, vapid, serious and with no time to waste). Does that make me a misogynist? No, it does not. I have never seen Mackenzie Davis act in a film before, so I”m not willing to say whether or not I care for her ability as an actress, perhaps this trailer had a lousy editor. But none of that makes me or anyone else that just didn’t like the trailer or this weird, spiteful narrative/agenda the filmmakers have, a misogynist.

Tim Miller, if you ever read this, I would recommend that you don’t try to alienate your fan base and focus on making a good movie. Stop taking time out of your day to yell “fire” because someone didn’t like a trailer to your movie. It sucks when people don’t like your product, I know. But don’t let the internet get you down, and certainly don’t label people you don’t know.

Right now though, I think you should take the advice you gave to director Jeff Fowler after the whole Sonic debacle and just say “I fucked up”.

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