Playing as Jason

With yesterday’s release of Friday the 13th: The Game on the Nintendo Switch, there are going to be a lot of new players running around the nightmarish pastures of Camp Crystal Lake. That means there might be a couple of people that feel slightly out of their depth when being tasked with playing as the iconic slasher, Jason Voorhees. Playing as Jason is a big deal. He sets the tone for the entire match. Playing against a good Jason is a fun and scary ordeal. Play against a good Jason, and you’ll have fun even if you die. Play against a weak Jason, and you’ll get bored quick. Luckily, playing as Jason is something you can get better at with time and practice. Even though it’s impossible to “main” as Jason, stick with the game and you’ll play as him enough to get better at him.

So if you want to get better at being Jason Voorhees while still having a good time, here’s some tips that may make the game a bit easier for you.


Don’t worry about killing everyone

This game is rife with trolls that would rather kill their own character than be killed Jason. You can’t avoid it so don’t think about your body count. Sure, the goal is to kill all of the counselors, but if you go in knowing that you’re not always going to get everyone, you’ll get much more enjoyment out of the game when your goal is to have fun, and not to annihilate everyone in your path. Be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself. It’s only a game. Enjoy it.


Find the radio tower

My first priority at the beginning of every match is to figure out the location of the radio tower. The tower is used to call in Tommy Jarvis. Not only is he the only one that can kill Jason, but he’s also a kind of 1-up for a random counselor. Take out the electrical box powering the radio tower and place a bear trap in front of it. That way if someone tries to restore the power, they’ll set off the trap, hurting them, and alerting you. Even if they use a pocket knife to disarm your trap and call Tommy anyway, that’s still resources you have taken away from the counselors. So it’s win-win.

Grab them by the throat


Thanks to the weapon swapping ability, Jason has plenty of ways to dispatch a dumb teenager, but thanks to the often cramped environments found within cabins, you might be limited in what kill you can use at a given time, in a given location. But the “choke” kill can be use virtually anywhere, risk free. It may not be the most visually arresting way to take out a counselor, but it is an easy way to gain an easy kill. Especially when counselors are hanging out in a group and swinging baseball bats like they’re reenacting a scene from The Warriors.


Figure out your Jason

For the foreseeable future, there are eight versions of Jason to choose from (unless you backed the game on Kickstarter). Each Jason has their own unique abilities that sets them apart from the pack. Some take more hits before being knocked down, some can run and some can swim faster than others. With each Jason being different, this will set the pace for the match. Will you have more resources like traps and throwing knives? Or will you just tank damage and get up close and personal? Personally, I prefer Part 8 Jason mostly because he can bust down doors much quicker than most of the other Jasons. Or you can just have the game pick a random Jason for you and try them all for yourself. This is what’s worked best for me, but I just like the look of Part 8 the best…that’s a lie, Part 7 is best Jason.



Whenever a counselor steps in a trap, misses a skill check while repairing a car or successfully calls a cop, their position will (kind of) be given to Jason through various sound cues. If they spring a trap by stepping in it, their position on the map will be indicated by your trap flashing slightly on the map.



Finally, this is a big risk, but if there is a counselor that is spamming a window by jumping in and out of it to avoid you put yourself inside a cabin as they’re exiting a window, use your shift ability to teleport but stay inside the cabin, if the counselor comes back into the cabin, you’ve got them dead to rights. This doesn’t always work one hundred percent of the time, but when it does it’s kind of hilarious and will often lead to the counselor rage quitting. While that would result in a kill, I consider it a morale victory.

If you’re interested, check out my gaming channel, Turtle Tracks Games, on YouTube to watch my Jason videos and so much more.

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