Venom Blu ray pre-order details

To say that Venom has been something of a success in theaters is a bit of an understatement.

Many people immediately wrote off the possibility of a Venom film that did not feature Spider-Man. While this is kind of understandable, it’s not really fair. But then again, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else says about the film because it has certainly spoken for itself with a global box office of  over eight hundred and twenty three million dollars so far. Whileit probably won’t make too much more, it is obvious that it’s run in theaters is more than likely within it’s last week or two, at least domestically.

The Venom Blu ray is set for release on December 18th of this year and is available for pre-order as of yesterday, November 29th.



While most online stores are offering the standard physical release offerings such as DVD, 4K and digital releases, Walmart is offering an exclusive action figure done in a retro style (five points of articulation) that you can only get by pre-ordering from their stores online.



While it should be noted that this film will see a two-disc release, as of now there is no definitive listing of special features.

If you’re interested in owning a physical copy of Venom, check here.

And if you’re interested in owning the Walmart exclusive Venom figure, click here.

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